When is Nancy coming back?

When I had my very first ‘episode’ 6 years ago, I met a homeless woman who said her name was Nancy. She knew my whole life and all the things I said to myself when I am alone. She said she wanted a ride home, so I let her in my car. She started pushing the radio buttons to prove to me that the station won’t change even if she pushed the buttons and it did NOT change. She knew all about my life and she was a total stranger. My car died in the middle of the freeway when I was with her. I pulled over to the side of the road and Nancy was unresponsive. She was playing a game with me where she was pretending she couldn’t wake up. My (very healthy Mercedes that shouldn’t have ‘died’) started up again a few minutes later. I ended up at a gas station and an ambulance that NOBODY CALLED showed up and opened my car doors. They asked me repeatedly if they should take Nancy to the hospital. I said I didn’t know. They eventually left. Nancy also directed me to a hospital so we could use the bathroom. WE pulled up RIGHT in front of the hospital and went into the emergency entrance. There was NOBODY there! It was deserted! an EMPTY “hospital”! BIZARRE! Eventually, after I was totally traumatized because of all the “proof” that I am being f*cked with, Nancy got out of my car and walked away, never to be heard from again.

I think about her every morning when I wake up, wanting her to come back and ‘get me’ and take me to a private, luxury hospital where they ADMIT to me that I have been in a brain study and that it’s time for me to heal. I have had SO many bizarre things happen to me. I KNOW I am in a ‘brain study’ and I am just waiting for it to end. “Nancy” (her name was supposed to be a joke calling me a “Nancy” for not getting my Sh*t together) was REAL and she knew things she absolutely should not know.
I wish she would come back…

Probably is a good idea to understand what happened to you in terms of it being an experience of schizophrenia. Perceptions can be altered to the extent that things that are heard or observed are understood in a way that is different from how they occurred.


Yeah. I know. As the years roll on, I don’t know WHAT to think? I am POSITIVE “Nancy” was/is ‘real’ and that she proved I am in a brain study. Maybe someday, I will be proven right.

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