When is marriage too soon?

When is a good time for marriage in your opinion.


I married my husband after dating about two and a half years,

Living together for all but about six months of that.

We’ve been married ten years now,

So I don’t think we rushed into it.

I think the answer differs person to person.


The hardest part for me trying to answer that question is I don’t believe in premarital sex nor moving in before marriage.


Then look for someone who shares your beliefs and values.


When you are both mature and feel ready and like you are with the right person/good match is the time to get married. Do not rush to the altar because everyone else is getting married. I did that but do not recommend. My mother was pressuring me to get married and have a bunch of kids despite knowing about my mental illness. She just didn’t get it!

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That’s very noble. However my humble opinion is that you never know someone until you live with them for a while.

I was going down the path of getting married to someone. We lived together for 2 years and decided not to get married as a result.

I think moving in together if marriage is on the cards is wise.


@Pianogal And I have found him at least from all that I’ve seen so far and I made sure to look very closely to be sure I was okay with dating him. If they dont match then I dont keep dating them because I date for the purpose of finding a husband. (Sort of old fashioned)

@Moonstruck Can you ever be truly ready though? I dont have anybody rushing me but I’ve had this thought floating around my head lately.

@everhopeful We’ll just have to agree to disagree. Which is completely fine. I just dont believe in it for my own religious reasons but that’s just me. Please dont feel like I’m trying to say you’re wrong, youre not you just have a different set of beliefs.


I think mid to late 20’s is a good age to get married…then start a family if you so desire.

Your 20’s are for blowing the doors off of the joint, and 30’s are when you start getting more serious about family planning.

My 2 cents…

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But for me that means I would have been dating my boyfriend for about 10-11 years before marriage. If we dated for that long and didnt break up then why didnt we just marry?

My 2 cents on your 2 cents?
I hope I didnt come across as rude. I’m sorry if I did.

I’ll be with the same gal 30 years this September…married 20.

We just had a few drinks on our local Pub Patio with the kids the other day. We’re still a tightly knitted group.

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I just think your 20’s are for YOU…your 30’s are for US…kinda thing.

I’m glad you’re so smart about dating.

Well, I figure as soon as the check clears for the down payment I put on her it would be the right time.

5 is probably too soon. Just my thoughts


My husband and I were together 6 months and married. He had told me after 1 month he wanted to marry me. We lived together all 6 month because he had been my roommate for a month before we dated.

We’ve been together 20 years this month gone, and will be married 20 in December. 5 kids together.

So you absolutely can know right away.


I don’t believe in premarital sex or moving in with your partner either. But my answer is whenever you two mutually decide you want to get marry and have a family. I’m not really looking for marriage in my future as of right now due to my schizophrenia, but things could very well change down the road. I mean, I’m only 17 right now, so I hopefully have a long road ahead of me.

I think it’s good to live together before you marry.

I lived with my x for 21/2 years and should have proposed to him but left him to become vegan and give my horse a better home.
I regret leaving n would move back if he accepted me as vegan and didn’t use glue traps.

21/2 years living happily together seems perfect timing.

I should have proposed.
Left for the animals as we have different stands there and politically.
It’s ok to be different.

The last guy I was seeing is funny and sexy and great in many ways but bad temper and he may be the best sex but I could never live with a temper like that and a bad temper when u r not living together imagine what it becomes when u r living together.
I have love for him and was wondering if I would marry him because the sex took me to ecstasy but I’m still inlove with my other x .
He is the best man I know I think n I have his name tattood on me.

You can get nasty surprises if you marry before living together.

I’m thinking after preschool. You definitely want to get a handle on toilet training and start working on letter and object recognition first.

I think when you feel confident in yourself and your partner as your match. It’s hard to say in detail really as I’d never consider getting married