When Is..., A . B . A . C . A . A . C . A . B?. (Look Inside)


When Is…, A Blessing A Curse And A Curse A Blessing?. (Made You Look). Ha & Ha!

A Blessing As A Curse (For Example), , ,

When You Love Chocolate Candy. And You Are Given A Mountain of Candy Bars.

(Which In The End Makes You Unhealthy)

Because!, You Can’t Stop Eating Those Delicious Good Luck Charms Of Chocolate!.

But!, A Curse It Still Is. (Being Healthy Is Better)

A Curse As A Blessing (For Example), , ,

When You Have Jus Enough Funds To Buy Only ONE Candy Bar A Week.

(Which In The End Makes You Learn About The Love Of Contentment)

Because!, Not Only Will One Candy Bar Taste More Enjoyable, You Will Learn The Art Of Simplicity.

A Good Deal IMHO!.

N e Hoo. . .

Anyone Have Any Thoughts On The Subject Of…,

A . B . A . C . A . A . C . A . B


As The Simplistically Hopeful Gift Givers Of Clarity Like To Say, Abacaacab (!!!).

Be Yourself…,

Jus Be, , ,


~P.s. Hope, Trust, True Love, Honesty, Joy, And Endlessly Eternal Peace!.~ :wink:


In a sense, schizophrenia has been a blessing. It forced me to climb my way out of a long deep depression.

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Hmm. . .

You Make A Great Point @Cragger.

Although By Saying Schizophrenia Forces You To Do Anything.

You’re Not Really Giving Yourself Enough Credit.

Wouldn’t You Agree (???).


I guess I would say I did all the work, but it lit the fire LOL

Good point

Hmm. . .

Schizophrenia And Schizoaffective Disorders Do Have The Tendency To Change Perspective.

That Much Is True.

The Days & Night’s Can Evolve Endlessly. As Shadows Speak. Whispering Tales Of Lost Dreams.

And Blah Blah.

I Jus Like To Rhyme.

Like The Woven Fabric Of The Ocean. Give It Some Time. . .


To the same point you made earlier, I wouldn’t blah blah your words. You have a beautiful form

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Hmm?. . .

I Kinda Have To Disagree.

My Scribbles, Poetry, And Song’s Are Not Beautiful, Nor Are They A Form Of Any Type.


No one likes their own work, just like no one likes there own voice. At least amongst musicians, that is what I have found. Even the best singers don’t like to hear themselves back


Hmm. . .

I Have Personally Discovered That In The Unique Sphere Of Creative Songwriting.

Once I Record A Song I Am Finished With It. And It Is Onto The Next One.

Doesn’t Make It Greater Or Less Than The Next Or Previous One.

It’s Jus That I Am Searching For Something In The Music I Create.

When I Hear My Own Voice It Doesn’t Feel The Way It Felt Recording It As I Was Playing.

Kinda Weird, Kinda Interesting, And In No Way Very Helpful In Moving On.

I Usually Record On One Take. Listen For Mistakes On The Recording.

And Either Throw It Away, Or Share It In Some Way.

Judgment Isn’t The Same From The Artist To The Passerby.

Unless The Listener Is Trying To Learn Something Within Their Own Creative Process.

I’m Wandering.

I Get Little Feedback. But!, Less Is More. And Blah Blah Blah!.


I am much the same in the way that I work. It drives my friends crazy that they liked one of my songs, but I don’t want to spend the time finessing it and making it pretty. I’ve already moved on to the next batch

I think the emotion tends to round the edges off of the experience of singing, whereas the tape or computer in this case is clinically clear

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Hmm. . .

That Is Great!.

Never Give Up On Your Hopes, Dreams, Aspirations, And Inspirations!.

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Hmm?. . .


Enjoy Your Freetime Within The Wisdom Of Creativity.

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i Met Some New People. They Seem Nice. But!, They Keep Asking For Me To Pay For Everything.

I Don’t Know Anyone. I’m So Lonely. I Wonder If A Book On Spirituality Will Help Me.

I’m Kinda Preaching To The Choir I’m Sure.

Point Is,

Don’t Be A Stranger!. (Thus Thread Has The Potential To Be The Greatest Thread Evah)

Unless You Want Money From Me. Then, Well, Move Along, Nothing To See Here.

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If You’re Looking For Something To Do. . .
Way To Find A Certain Form Of Coexistence

Need To Look No Further!.

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@Cragger , as a songwriter, you can choose to focus on the bones, so to speak, of the songs you write. And you can hire a co writer to help you embellish upon your basic score. I’ve done this with my compositions to either liven up or to beautify my scores.


When I was younger I could sing really well but I was never clever enough to write my own lyrics. My whole life I’ve never been able to.

It can be a lonely road, for sure. Thank God for music! Could you post one of your songs here? I’d be curious to hear it

Sorry I dropped off last night, fell asleep on the couch

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I do that a lot actually @SkinnyMe . My buddy Bob usually dresses them up with mandolin, background vocals Etc. I am becoming a little more patient with the mixing process as time goes by.

@Loke you should do some karaoke or something! Belt it out to the back row for fun :grin:

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