When I worked at Sears

My co-workers used to tell me two things on a consistent basis.

  1. They always used to tell me to smile.
  2. They always used to tell me to get mad.
    I rarely did either and did not like having people tell me that and pointing it out.
    Now, I WISH people were telling me that.

Don’t ask me what’s up with the big writing. I have no idea why it came out like that!

i worked at sears too. i was told the same by my coworkers/bosses… now i wonder if you are me or vice versa

Who knows? Lol.

well here we are all one. so nevermind the details i guess…

the ‘#’ seems to cause bold lettering


The “smile” is the big one for me as people make such a fuss when I do. So I get more self conscious about it.

Would hate to work in retail for the following reasons.

  • Expected to look like Barbie
  • Wear fancy clothes
  • Act fake
  • Put on a smile

Sears is laying off people in November.

I worked there for four years.