When I win a Free Cell game I feel so smug

I hate smug but that’s how I feel. I’ve been an underdog for so long that I become what people don’t like when I do win.

My longest winning streak was 57.

We’re close. Mine is 54.

I can never get the hang of that game. I can never find a way of moving the cards. Always get told invalid move.

Its a fun game. Can you get someone to help you with it?

There’s no one. The cards never seem to come out that i can make a legit move. I try every now and then but if i am honest it just frustrates and demoralises me. I am glad you find it fun but i always feel worse when i am stupid enough to have another try.

I think i have a low frustration level. I get discouraged very easily.

So far my winning streak is 7. I’ve won 7 games.

This site is free, no log in, no membership, just playing. I spend too much free time on this one. They have free cell and a lot more.

I knew a guy who was very nervous about playing cards. I think the idea of royalty bothered him to distraction. Some strict religions used to be against card playing.