When I went into the hospital

I tested negative for all drugs on the urinalysis. Including benzodiazepines which I’m prescribed. The doctor said “why have you not been taking your klonopin??” I said “I have been, it’s just such a low dose it doesn’t show up on the drug test.” Why would I become non med compliant to benzos of all medications??? Then he went to further harass me how I need to get off benzos. I made a thread on that a couple weeks ago.

Some lady kept harassing me I felt annoyed by her. Then she said “do you do drugs, or drink every day??” As if smoking weed once a month is worse than getting hammered 6 days a week. And they kept asking me about smoking weed. I barely have smoked weed the past 4 years but my file from like 7 years ago said I was a marijuana abuser. But I tested negative so stop bothering me about it!

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