When I was unwell I was very into tarot and oracle cards

I’m sorry if I am not allowed to post this I am not sure. You can close this if its wrong. When I was unwell, I bought a bunch of oracle cards that now I am looking to sell them on. I feel pretty stupid when my partner asked why I’m sellign them I told him I bought them when I was unwell… He finds it pretty funny… but not in a nasty way. It was my thing when I was unwell. That and poetry books.


I can tell when I’m getting unwell. Usually it involves becoming ‘spiritual’. The one moment I’m all into it. The other I think it’s all rubbish. It’s one of the things that confuses me.


Yes, for me I become extremely spiritual too… very strange.

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When I was unwell years ago, I actually charged people for my “psychic” services.
I also read Tarot cards.

I was out of my gourd!


If I lose my disability and can’t work. I’ll do the same. How much can you charge for a psychic session?

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I have a good friend who is into tarot. I like to irritate him by offering to fill a PEZ dispenser with some of my APs for him.


You can charge hundreds of dollars for a tarot card reading with an experienced psychic.

I only charged like $40 for a tarot card reading.

It usually took me like 45minutes.


I stayed up all night last night playing poker with tarot cards. I got a full house and three people died.


It’s actually worse for me. I didn’t charge anything and did it through forums and on facebook. I am really bad at self-promotion. I could’ve made money but I just enjoyed doing it. People would be shocked at my accuracy. But if you think about it, it’s all psychology. Some people are able to predict things a little more easier than others. Its kind of a skill. to be a tarot reader.

The cards aren’t magic IMO I don’t believe the cards themselves are the medium its the interpretation. There’s nothing evil about it and thats good that more people are able to practice that without political oppression.

I think there is something to be said for toxic positivity too. I had this epiphany that Im not that special. That my thoughts dont influence the world at large and that my magical thinking is a part of my illness. A lot of “Tarot Card” or “New Age” readers pray on this and pray on the vulnerable.

Its fine to be imaginative though. I’ve been turning more toward painting and artwork lately as therapy for my energies instead of trying to interpret the future or read the world’s destiny…

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This has run it’s course so will close.

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