When I was in my late twenties, a psychic told me that I would die on March 13th, 2010

Well, I didn’t die on that day but on March 14th, 2010, the psychic stepped off a curb and got run over by a bus and died. Would you call that irony or bad luck or karma? Or all of the above?



They probably duped and robbed so many people. I’ll call it karma and I don’t actually believe in karma.

oh c’mon @77nick77. you’ve flung your stories too far, this one takes the cake. dead psychic… uh huh


I’d hate to say anyone deserves to die, but I’d call it both irony and karma. The psychic was probably looking for some way she could get money out of you.

I’d say it is just bad luck. I don’t believe in karma. A psychic once told me I’d become very sick in that same year that I saw her. Later that year I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and I thought that that was it. I do not believe in psychic’s power and stuff but I do choose to avoid them because they always place unwanted thoughts or ideas in my mind that makes me feel uncomfortable for a while.

Well I believe in zombies. How can you prove us you’re still alive, @77nick77 ??

Maybe you died and came back but just forgot about it.


When I got my first computer, I was searching the internet to see what I could find. I found a site that predict I would die on the 3rd of April 2043. I don’t know how true the predicting is, but if I’m still alive at that date I am going to be one very nervous old man.

@77nick77 I’m glad your still with us.

That makes me laugh

I did a lifestyle survey once that predicted when you were going to die…

My result? According to the printout, it said I should’ve been dead three years ago!

(rim shot)

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I went to a psychic once, but couldn’t believe she didn’t know I was coming in, so I left.


…but because she was psychic, she said, “Goodbye” as soon as you walked in?

Ask my sisters, they’ll vouch for me.

No, that was someone else.

She asked If I had an appointment,
and I told her “Shouldnt you know?”


she probably predicted her own death and wanted to fulfill her own destiny, 1 out of a million correct predictions cant be that bad :confused: