When I was house-sitting for my sister

I was there a week, walking her dog and watering her plants. She said help yourself to anything in the refrigerator. So I was looking for something to eat or drink and I saw she had a quart container full of some kind of drink. I took it out and took a sip and it was sweet and thick and tasted good. I thought it was a milkshake so I drank a little, and it was so good that I ended up drinking the whole quart. My sister came back home after a week so I went back to where I live. A day later she called me on the phone. She sounded mad. She asked me, “Why did you drink my whole quart of coffee creamer”!!!



At least it wasn’t something disgusting!!! I think you’ve come out of it quite well…but more importantly you have a decent story!


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nice Nick, ive done that before. I got it in my head that creamer was better than milk. so I started buying huge amounts of it and drinking it. turns out low fat creamer still has more fat than whole milk…

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