When I was 19 years old I had a job as a security guard

Just several months before I had a psychotic break and went into my first psyche ward I was a security guard. Let me tell you folks, if you are paranoid you do not want to be a security guard. I worked the graveyard shift and it was my job to guard industrial parks in Silicon Valley that were still being constructed. They were future electronics firms buildings that were half built. It was me sitting alone in my car all night on an acre of land making sure thieves didn’t come and steal lumber, or panes of glass and other building materials and to chase off vandals.

What the hell was I thinking by taking that job? I was paranoid and scared sh*itless the majority of the time. I thought somebody going to sneak up and attack me from behind. The fear got so overwhelming that I just gave up and parked my car and got in the backseat and went to sleep. I didn’t care. They were paying me peanuts and I didn’t like my boss.

Finally one night I had had enough. I was on duty and I gave up and I drove home half-way through my shift to my parents apartment. It was about 3:00 am and when I got home my dad woke up and asked me what was I doing. I told him, “I quit”, but he wouldn’t allow it. He made me go back to work. He had a great work ethic and quitting a job in the middle of a shift was foreign to him, so back I went. But I quit a week later. Man, I hated that job.

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At 21 I had a job in a coffee shop. The other employer was an old man, that had his thumb missing. One day the boss asked me to clean a place with sharp edges and the old man yelled “NO! She’s not going to clean that!” then turns to me and says “That’s where I lost my thumb”… The boss made us serve him coffee and mix the sugar for him, and his wife used to steal our tips. I quit after a few days.

Yeah, they were sure taking advantage of you. It was smart to quit.

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A good job to get if you have a good car is delivering pizza. They’re always hiring drivers. It’s not like other fast food jobs because you get to get out of the store. It doesn’t pay that much, but it might work as a stop gap measure.

I had to stop working at Starbucks recently, it was part time but when the switch flipped, everything was so loud and I couldn’t tolerate being around people, plus the chaos that comes with creation,