When I was 14

I was in health class and we were talking about drugs…I never used drugs til I was 18. BUT, we were talking about drugs. I wasn’t interested in drinking, or smoking weed when we talked about it. Then we came to the topic of lsd. I remember the teacher talking about lsd and what I said? “That sounds frcking awesome!” This girl, let’s call her M was sitting next to me, starting cracking up at what I said. Well fast forward 5 years I tried lsd…it became my favorite drug, and I told everybody in my town (or at least the rumor got around) that I was using lsd.

And it was my doc for 7 years…I don’t recommend anyone to do lsd, not only is it dangerous but it’s like any other drug, you end up “chasing” your best high, but even worse you get all paranoid you’re gonna destroy your mind. So while chasing that high you’re really weary simultaneously about hurting yourself…so don’t do it.

But anyways, fast forward to tnight…I’m 28 days sober and went to aa…and I show up and guess who’s there? None other but M! The girl from 9th grade health class who I never made contact with really past that one exchange. She said hi to me and asked me how I was. Then I got nervous and messed up my share but I think she liked it anyways. The end.


It’s a small world!


Truly is…that was about half my life ago. But I still remember it, the one time I made contact with her before


Somg birds turn red too…