When I stop believing I'm in a body I'll actually feel better all the time?

I don’t know - just another stupid idea I guess.

I mean, it’s kind of deceiving yourself. When you deny reality to feel better you only set yourself up for suffering in the long run

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That’s true if I expect to stop believing it entirely before I’m actually gone from this world, and no, I’m in no hurry to do that. I still believe I’m in a body now, but one day maybe when I die at 103, then after that I won’t believe it anymore and kinda forget about all the nonsense this life has to offer. Don’t get me wrong - its a wonderful life (My favorite movie!). I’ll remember all the good stuff maybe, I don’t know.

Things exist because I’m aware of them. If I’m not aware of it it doesn’t exist for me but I think my disease is a physical thing. It can’t be fixed by philosophy or religion.

Its a different way of saying what Timothy Keller says about being a Christian, although I don’t believe its limited to card carrying Christians. He says, “The bad is transformed, the good remains forever, and the best is yet to come.”

I can live with that.

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