When i should get used to work?

Hi, i started working again recently as a Barista, ive done 6 days so far in 2 weeks. Its becoming easier, my hands are not twitching and trembling from stress anymore, I often get confused if im on a till, cause its old manual till and i need to remember almost all the prices by heart. Can you tell from your experience when you got comfortable with work? Did it take weeks or months? What i keep in mind is that when the weather gets worse we will have much less customers. If my disability allowence gets approved i might move to part time


I find it hard that I can’t get out of second gear but in retail I wasn’t so bad. Give it some decent time to remember the prices etc and I’m sure you’ll be fine. Disability isn’t bad as you can manage your stress but being on a fixed income can be a hard life without support. Well done on getting through 2 weeks.

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