When I’m doing well, I’m doing well

My med combo really works for me so as long as I take my meds and stay sober and structured I do really well. I think I have a lot of potential, as long as I make the right choices with my health. That means I can write books, work a part-time job and start a family one day. Doesn’t mean I have to take over the world or anything !


Awesome!! Keep it going!!


Yeah good work. I’ve been on the same combo for well over ten years now and I too live a realized life. It’s a little different from most but I’m happy and content. I would like to lose a lot of weight but some things you just have to work for otherwise I’m with you! It’s not a bad thing!


Glad you’re doing well @Jonnybegood!
A quick question: were you previously known as @kindness?

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No that is now @anon17132524 !!


I’ve been recovered with minimal to no symptoms on my med combo for the last two years and I’m very satisfied with my regimen. I too have been living a “realized life” as @rogueone says. I’m quite pleased.


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