When i hear or see an angry person

Is he an actor ? Maybe he/she practicing throwing tantrums for the next play. Maybe the actor will be famous some day. My neighbourhood is already famous. Its well known for actors practising. I just hope they don’t go to far with their acting and someone might get hurt. Oh my god, stuntman practising.:roll_eyes:

Truman delusion?

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I don’t know, just thinking. That is, how i would explain it to children :thinking:.

not sure what you mean by that

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Thinking about children exposed to domestic violence :thinking:.

Yeah, there is a problem with children being exposed to domestic violence, especially in poor areas.

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They never heard of theatre or movies. They wouldn’t know what i try to explain.

Oh, I see what you’re getting at. Yeah, I don’t know how I would explain to the kids that they are part of some sort of elaborate play/show. Hopefully the domestic violence doesn’t scar them too much.

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