When I get on negative-high

When I get on negative-high…

Sometimes I get intense nagative thoughts and flash of bad memories

and I get this thought

Winner = Everything

as if there is life made hell

and you can only survive if you are

an absolute winner.

It’s like you can do anything if you are a winner

and if you are a loser you get the other end of the story.

So it’s definitely DEPRESSION and Selegiline is working wonders for me.

So how Does Raising Tha Bar For Yourself To Achieve Fun and Awesome Goals Some Sort Of Equalization To Or Towards Depression (???)

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Just avoid illness, not having any expectations,

not worried about winning,

just live life and continue to live life as long as possible…

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Set Goals For Your Fun Loving Positivity , If You Fail , Look Around and Notice Your Expectations , Perhaps You Didn’t Even Fail Yet … , Tyme To Raise Tha Bar … , Without Expectations You Set Tha bar So Low That If You Truly Do Fail in Your Mynde , You Won’t Even Care , Because You Already Set Tha Bar So Low That It Becomes (your goal) , Pointless … Hmm , Im Running In Wavering Circles Here … , Perhaps Tha Word Expectations Is A Torch Setting Itself In Flames and On a Fire That Is Nothing but Regret and Pain … ,

What Would A Better Lil Phrase Be here (???) ,

Avoid Illness (by) “winning” Regardless Of Other Individualistic Goals Set For You , So You Ate Thee Entire Pizza In 10 Min.s (???) , GOAL!!! ,

Yes Thaz Does Sound Nyse… ,

OR ,

Live Your Lyfe and Live it To Fullest (by) Living It Tha Way You Always Wanted Too So You Ate Thee Entire Pizza In 2 Days (???) Goal!!!

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From now on my goal is

  1. Only HEALTH must happen, no matter what if isn’t health it must not happen.

How to make sure HEALTH always happen?

  1. Positive +ve Signals.

Health +ve signals

th a h baaar is raised and shall naver beee lowered dooown

way12go , way12go , You Are Tha Dude Dude (!!!)

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Hey Dude guys like you are the reason why life still exists

My mind is driving me insane. I want to get on lamotrogine or depakote for these negative experiences. I want to up my dosages of APs and ADs.

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You need to keep yourself busy and occupied. Ive noticed I care less about bad memories and hurts when Im out with friends. Try doing the things you love.

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@waterway what you said/typed is perfect, I too think I want to use computer always and find myself in a happy situation but my mind is wandering and memory is like non existing so everyday I reboot my life and find myself a 35 year old dependent male

I understand. But this is happening because you’re not busy. You need to stay occupied and sink in activities.

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Which Remyndes Me , I haven’t Been Working On My Album In What Feels Lyke 3 Months … ,

I Have Been Wired Since I Got back From tha Institution … ,

RARGH (!!!)

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That is just perfect, just now I woke up and was thinking there is +ve there is pause and there is -ve and I need to be +ve. It’s 2 AM and I was thinking I will go with playing Age Of Mythology and become an expert and win any competition if there is going to be any.

And now your advice is very very timely.

So here is my goal.

Always stay buzzzy buzzzy with AOE - III and AOM and master them.

Thanks a lot.

I won these games in a contest otherwise I don’t have any money to buy them.

Thanks again.