When I get drunk I make bad decisions

I’m loaded right now. Thinking about having a joint. I know it’s bad news but I don’t care.

Don’t do it. You’ll regret it later.

It all comes down to what I want now or what I hope to have later. It’s a tradeoff, a no win situation

Than by all means, indulge in the self destructive behavior


I’m sensing some sarcasm…

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:slight_smile: Look, it’s your choice in the end. But you posted here for a reason, and we’re kinda obliged to help you

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Yeah. I know…

Watch some Young Ones instead @Pogue! :slight_smile:

Yeah. It’s not easy to find though. Pirate bay?

Oh no! I thought it would be on youtube or something. I have them all on dvd so I don’t know where you could find them for download sorry.

I didn’t smoke one but I did have a donair. Worse than Crack I tell ya.


What is this? :blush:

It’s a type of meat on a tortilla. Delicious


Be cool to Future Pogue. Don’t screw Future Pogue over, that’s not buddies.


There’s present pogue and future pogue. Both of us get along pretty well most of the time…but drunk pogue is like Eminem, he don’t give a f***.

That’s past Eminem though

Now he’s a dedicated father and a model for recovery :slight_smile:

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When I get drunk, I think the world is ending and the results are never good.
Hope you’re feeling better, now.