When i get down to it i should had been gone long ago

schizophrenia is one of those diseases that is bigger and broader than you or I it reaches through so many people and so many channels that I realize we are less than a percentage a chosen few who wish to use the internet some day soon more will join us with questions we have not dared to ask have I not had received medication at an early age I may had lived longer but my mind would had been shorter I ask my self was it worth the stay and it reminds me of a poster that replied “incoming!” I miss old joey and some of the others that have left us I can never remember faces… only words and literature. is this how god intended it to be? I would rather travel spreading the word than to sit behind a desk never knowing whether it helped or not.


I look at it as this. Many of my classmates are dead already, but I’m nearly 30, had schizophrenia since I was 5, and haven’t been driven to (successful) suicide or died in some accident from being careless. That in itself, relatively speaking, is one of the larger accomplishments someone has ever made on Earth.