When i forget my meds


I get the belief that im the opposite sex (female to male) when i forget my meds. I dont know what to call it since it’s not transgender as it only comes on when i dont take meds. I was wondering if anyone else has these feelings and whether these feelings are legitimate or part of sz

I read about how some women with sz have what are called sexual delusions where they feel like this, that’s all i know about it


As a transgender woman with schizophrenia… Talk to you counselor. Might be that the meds numb you so much that you don’t notice/care/feel but that you actually are transgender. Again I’m not saying you are, but you need to explore the option…
Also remember when asking this question that for a long time transgender people were discredited by saying they are schizophrenic and delusional, so a lot the info you find, especially online, will be absolute ■■■■■■■■…


I had these feelings as a teenager slightly before sz symptoms showed and i find i slip back to those feelings when im late with meds… ive never talked about it with my pdoc before so I’ll definitely talk about it next appointment. And yeah a lot of online info seemed strange that way


During my first psychotic episode which was misdiagnosed as depression I was so heavily medicated so the point where everything was numb and for years being transgender was a non-issue because of the side effects of the meds… But underlying it still existed and needed to be addressed, just it sounds like you know that there is something that needs to be addressed


Good luck figuring it out


Schizophrenia attacks the core of your being. Such things aren’t unusual. I’d bring it up with your doc as with any other thoughts you have.

I know just before I went psychotic I had this weird desire to kiss this bloke. He was a supervisor at work and it was just this weird compulsion. Made me question a lot of things about my sexuality as it does and I’m pretty well dead straight.


Before I got on medication I would periodically feel I WASN’T transgender, since I am mtf, and would start presenting female again for a short time.
So I can imagine the opposite way could be from psychosis


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