When I feel ready, then

I’m not talking about every single woman thing.

But there are certain things that I know at least some woman will understand but with some men idk

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Well now I’m curious.

You guys obviously function a bit differently

You have different physiology to woman

And hormonally


Do you think it’s the medication making you feel this way?

No not really but yes the illness might be…

Because it stops me from taking certain risks

Hey @Mae I dont see anything wrong with having female friends, my clubhouse has a womens group and they support each other ‘no men allowed’

Best to use a condom, especially if your feelings for the person might change. You’re way too young to settle for being single, the rest of your life.

My gf and I have been together for over two years. We get along so well its amazing. We both happen to be bisexual. Maybe try dating a bisexual person? I think sometimes bi guys can tend to be a little more open minded with some things. But overall i guess it really comes down to the person and not their orientation or femininity/masculinity. And what I think matters most is what you want. Never change who you want to be to suit someone else.