When I feel like I’m overwhelmed

Sensory wise I take ibuprofen and it goes away

Today I was about to have a meltdown from sensory and social input so I took ibuprofen and was fine within thirty mins

@Ninjastar can you explain


Aleve helps mine for some reason.

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What strength do you take? I have the exact same mental health diagnosis as you…

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800mg if it’s bad. 600 if it’s more mild. Always take with food

Ibuprofen is a blood thinner and blood thinners bring blood pressure down and helps with that so it’ll help with anxiety caused by being overwhelmed


Ibuprofen is not known to lower blood pressure. It has a risk of raising blood pressure

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@Froge I have no idea why this works for you, but as long as your doctor says it is safe, I’m happy for you that you found something that works. Maybe it is the placebo effect. Maybe you have alexithymia (an autism symptom that causes difficulty with knowing how you feel) and your sensory/social distress is how your body interprets physical pain.

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Wow… that’s interesting. Those meds are kind of sedating I think. Similar to Willow tree bark… Guess it can help one calm down a bit even if it’s usually used for headaches etc.

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I know one time at a party I took a pain med and felt way more chilled. My thought was that it helped so much with my akathisia that I was able to relax. Maybe that’s what’s keeping you from feeling to stressed. Idk. I feel good on acetaminophen as well though I don’t want to take it all the time.

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