When I face terror

When I face terror I completely change. I become dark and hideous, and spit vulgarity out and become something I can’t hide. Terror took off my face, my face is stricken with fear…fear is the mind killer and it won’t stop. I’m cultivating something horrible inside me, where can hatred be eradicated? Do I embody the hate of my voices? Or have they truly revealed to me how dark cruel and ugly my mind is? My actions speak to them all, yet they don’t ask why often. This seems to be a nightmare blurring the span of years, the rehearsal…I can feel it coming down on me. Like a stadium of a cone just drilling into my head of a burning I can’t put out. I keep patient, I don’t let the worlds blend…I can’t. God what have I done? Who in the heck am I supposed to be today? I feel naked, so why dress? I’m drifting away into my mind, trying to wait out the silence that only comes when I type these things…

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I wonder if I’ll ever figure out who I am supposed to be. I guess it changes with time.

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Malvok it’s just a big old spaghetti monster mess…lol ah well.

And my mentalism thread goes to show the latest song I’ve rocked

And I WILL NOT give up my patio or pad…muahahahahah