When I don't eat good

…I get double vision. It’s been happening for 12 years now. My doctor told me I not diabetic, so what the heck. I’m not really worried about it anymore, just think it’s strange. It’s bad today…having trouble reading my computer screen. Does anyone know of any nutritional problems that can cause this?

What is your version of not eating good? I’ve seen one of the kid sis’ friends get dizzy eating 5 “double burger,baconators”
from Jack in the box. I know I get a little dizzy if I drink too much tea and have too much bread and don’t have any protein or veggies with it.

Not eating much fruit and veggies, too much fast food, the obvious stuff. A steady intake of healthy carbs seem to help which is why I always wondered about blood sugar.

i recommend a visit to your doctor, it could be your blood pressure, it sounds like blood pressure

I would get examined by a different doctor. Double vision might not be nutrition related. It could be the sign of a serious medical problem.

Thanks for the replies guys. And if I do go to the doctor it will be a different one.