When I am overweight I just have no motivation

That’s tragic to hear. I guess we all go through that as sz patients though the initial no insight phase.

Hopefully he will come to take meds soon,
Before it gets dangerous as could happen.

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Yea I love doing that.

But when I’m overweight, I just feel like not doing it…

It’s so sad. Lol.

How have you been?

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It took me about 2 and a half years from onset to get my insight back, and I was on meds the whole time… I don’t know if his is getting better from time or if meds are needed for that to happen.

Thanks though, it’s not affecting me too badly as he’s not living with us right now. We’re trying to get him help somehow, maybe call in for a wellness check.

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I been not happy with my art project. I want to scratch it and restart. But also not motivated.

I want to lose wait so i can wear my normal clothes. But I would have to stop a med cause i don’t eat a lot. Except sugar.

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Motivation is a real issue.

It’s so serious.

Do you think it is the meds why you are not motivated with the art project or…?

I can’t message him. Though because we don’t work out.

So I guess I’ll meet my brother tomorrow and say hi to family

I read the other day on here some AP cause worse neg symptoms. So Im gonna ask my pdoc soon. Didn’t know that.

Yeah motivation is a huge mystery. I am only doing the project cause my therapist challenged me. And I guess it was a fun start and now its dread.

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Can you find a guy friend that you can set clear boundaries and keep things light and simple so it wont get complicated.

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I think it’s just that I thought I was finally ready to go back in the dating world but I guess not. On a psychological level. Lol.

Thanks for the idea though :hugs:

I wish I had some advice for you about motivation.

All I can say my motivation is better on a lower dose but I don’t want to encourage risky things to you and your pdoc.

I find the gym helps.

It is something I am actually happy to do

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Hmmm maybe that’s the problem - i am on 2 APs max on one twice a day + 40mg of another AP.
Plus tons of stuff for mood disorder and sleep. I may be over medicated.

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But I don’t want to be the cause for relapse for you, if it is not actually over medication :grimacing: :hugs:

So defo try lots of alternatives to med reduction lol.

I mean it’s all up to you really

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