When I am overweight I just have no motivation

It is so true.

My mum has the same thing but she has other physical problems too.

I feel sorry for her.

Anyways back to me,

It’s 1 am and I feel like doing nothing

I really should do something but I literally can’t am unable, oh well, come may, I’ll be in a better place.

I have this friend but idk if I should contact him.

He is my ex. Actually

I miss him.

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Go to sleep girl!


I caaaan’t fall asleep lol.

I admire you working. I’m a bum who lives off a corrupt government.

Thankyou. Don’t be hard on yourself. If you are unable to work, it’s not your fault. It just is what it is.

What time is it where you are?

¿Que tiempo es senorita?

It is 1.30 am. I fell asleep but always wake up in the night

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It’s about 8:30 and I haven’t practiced mandolin today.

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I had a dream last night where my hair was falling out, I was so scared and I thought it was real.

Do you have work in the morning? If so you should probably get some sleepy time tea or a heated blanket and go back to bed. If not, partying is always an option!

It’s 8:30 for me too @Jinx . I just had a steak and cheese sandwich and read 200 pages of Xavier Amador’s “I’m not sick I don’t need help” to figure out how to speak to my sz bro better without things getting confrontational.

Oh yea falling out dreams are scary. Like I’ve had the tooth one on numerous occasions.

I work the night shift tmrrw.

I think I need to visit my brother. I miss him too.

I say pardaiiii :sunflower:

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I slept all day because my nighttime sleep med didn’t kick in until 12 hours after taking it. I’m quitting it for good. I’ll be up all night tonight. No partying though, I left that behind at 17.

Sorry to hear about your brother.


I used to work a 4 PM - 1 AM shift, I loved that job. Stayed up late and woke up late too!

Yeah my brother will be fine if we can just get him some insight. I just don’t want him to end up one of those perpetually med non-compliant sz folks. I take my meds every night and they keep me cool as a cucumber :cucumber: :cool:

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How long has he been unwell for do you think?

Have you mentioned sz to him before?

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Me too. It’s 530pm I have done nothing but been in bed and online. I goal for tomorrow is clean the bathroom. It’s gross.

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Almost a year now. It started March of last year when I was still living in Oakland, California. He called me up and was scared because he thought he heard our grandparents whispering about him, but it was just voices in his head.

He was healthy back when I was delusional so he saw me go through it, he knows we all think he has it now but he insists he’s psychic and now believes I was also psychic. I guess he just thinks I went down the wrong path getting medicated.

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@LittleMissSlothy do you like watching artist work on YouTube?

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Oooh goodliuck with the cleaning. You will feel well satisfied after though.

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What’s your sleeping med @Jinx

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2.5 mg zyprexa.