When Humour Outweighs it All

What follows is the events that took place when I let my paranoia and hallucinations get the best of me, but ended considerably well:

I was running around outside in the dark in a panic searching for a kitten I thought people were trying to steal, and of course it turns out that I did all this without actually doing my trousers up.

Which explains why they kept falling down as I ran from street to street. Though for some reason I could not work out what was wrong with my trousers and was sure they were fine.

Usually when things do get out of hand they end terribly, but tonight, it ended with humour only.


I credit my sense of humor for having gotten me through a lot of crap.


I laugh at most things now. Laughter is the only thing keeping me sane

my voices cowrite a joke with me everyday.

There used to be a guy on the old forums who wrote about every two weeks talking about going outside to get the mail and his pants fell off.

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I think we’d have got along then haha