When googling for correct grammar, only 1 similar result is returned

Does that prove that my grammar is wrong?

For example, I wanted to say “it is one thing to…, but it is another thing to…”

So google for “It is another thing on how to” (with quotes) yields 1 similar result. Scary, isn’t it?

Do you have the habit to look up dictionary on the Internet? If English is not your first language, do you check for grammar mistake by referencing to Internet search results?


Yes, English is not my 1st language, so I’m deemed to look up words and idioms on the internet sometimes.


Its impressive that you have become proficient in english as a second language. English can be a real monster. As with wvery language even those who were born speaking it find themselves looking up grammar and things online. I do it all the time. Thank god for Google.


I think sometimes one can become too obsessed with ‘correct’ grammar especially if one has incurred the wrath of grammar Nazis.
At the end of the day so long as what you post makes sense the niceties of perfect grammar are of lesser importance.

I would ask; at the end of the day who decides what is,or isn’t perfect grammar? Perhaps there’s a group of self selected people who elect certain members amongst them to sit on a committee to decide such weighty matters.


when i share my writings on ocpoetry, the critics always go for grammar mistakes because it makes for a quick critique.

but grammar honestly isn’t too important, as long as the readers know what you mean. grammar is somewhat flexible in itself, too. it usually boils down to how many readers can understand what you wrote, from non-native English readers to advance multilingual readers.