When Does Micro Become Macro?

My friend Doug raised an interesting question with me the other night. Exactly at one point do we consider something to have crossed the threshold between being of the microscopic world, into this, the macroscopic world.

You can’t say it’s when it becomes visible to the naked eye, since there are micro-organisms and they are most definitely part of this macro world.

Where is the Tipping point?


When all the pieces come together. Or when they multiply…


I’d say when the laws of physics switch from classical to quantum.


I think it has to do with semantics. And what you’re observing/studying. You could be say dealing with macro-interactions among micro-organisms.
As complexity of what you’re focusing on increases it goes into macro realm I guess.

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Yes I was thinking along the same lines. The question in my mind is, how many molecules have to join before they’re considered part of the macro world. I can’t quite put my finger on the Tipping Point

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I don’t know but you know who would? Depeche mode.


Lol. Why do you say that?

It’s in a song that I vaguely remember.

I don’t think there’s an objective micro to macro.

I think it is subjective to experience.

For example the fibonacci spiral goes from 0 to 1 to 1 to 2 and to larger numbers including 55. I’m not too sure. Actually don’t quote me.

I don’t think it matters objectively which number becomes macro, whether it is 0 or even 1.

Or maybe it does lol.

I don’t know but micro to me is 1.

and macro is anything below or above it. :upside_down_face:


BTW I really like your question. What made you ask that?

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I thought of that too, maybe it was a perceptual thing. Perception influencing the outcome. But I’m really Clueless LOL

My friend pondered that question with me the other night, and it just stuck in my head


Micro, the things that you cannot see, are very important for macro to be what it is…

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I agree with you there. Without the micro, there is nothing

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