When do legitimate existential concerns turn psychotic?

In my case, always according to the medical establishment, my anxiety over solipsism degenerated into a grandiose delusion. What are your experiences?


A fellow Sz I met in the real world had too much of an influence from The Truman show. We got along since in my psychosis I felt parallels too.

He said he didn’t know why no one would challenge him. Ultimately he took a bat to a parked police car window and shattered it. When the cops caught up to him, he’s shouted out do you know who I am?). Since he thought he was on tv ‘somewhere’.

In high school and maybe this is universal there existed something called channel 1. I guess it was current events to start the day in home room. My parallel is that I didn’t know why there was no such thing as channel 1 in a prevalent way and actually thought I was on ‘channel 1’ somewhere.

I get real bad health anxiety that transfers into grandiose delusions occasionally. Going from oh God I’m going to die to oh, I AM God and immortal.

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My stuff is more agnostic… I think about Christ(even saw the film ‘The case for Christ even’ but it’s different.

Helpful for the feminine to know(in such a patriarchal anecdote of history) is that it was a couple of women who claimed his body had moved from the tomb; they had nothing to gain and everything to lose by saying that.

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I think the difference is going from “This is an interesting idea that I can debate with others” to “I have solved the issue and I am 100% sure this idea is true.”

I think it’s the lack of doubting that makes it tip over to a delusion but I’m not a doctor. It’s just my understanding.


I agree, alas, while psychotic I didn’t believe in my delusion 100%; the docs spoke of “double book-keeping”, making me able to believe and not believe at the same time.

I feel the same, we have common experiences @seksoempirico

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