When did your Delusions become insignificant? - Poll

Let us give those who post about being spied on, or living in the matrix an idea of how long it takes to get over this kind of thing?

Sometimes we forget the road we have walked on and that others are just at the start of that journey, and threads end up getting out of hand and having to be locked etc.

It would be good to let those at the start know how long it may take to stop feeling like life is hopeless and not worth fighting for due to their delusions.

  • Not Recovered
  • Recovered in 1-2 Years
  • Recovered in 3-4 Years
  • Took 5 or more years to recover

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It took me longer to get over my delusions because I refused treatment in the community after diagnosis, and it took another two years before I relapsed again

It took me 14 years since my positive symptoms appeared at age 16 to disappear now at age 30 with the right med and the right dosage.

It took decades to get over. Unfortunately I got over it when I realized I had become too old and ugly looking to be worth spying on.

About a year after i started the injections. Yeah i get the odd wobble, when my brain “catches me out” , and i think its real - but i soon realise its the sz.

I pressed the wrong one. I was meant to say not yet recovered. It’s a long long journey

My delusions were completely debilitating when I had them. I literally did and thought about nothing else at all and acted on them based on the voices instructions which I am told now are command voices.

It was like a day dream I could not escape, and I was constantly obsessing over this new religion I was building in my mind.

This happened to me every time I relapsed, but the intensity of the beliefs started to fade away when I started to understand more about the illness.

3-4 years I’d say it took to get over this extreme sense, but now it has subsided.

My advice to anyone who has not recovered from delusions would be to keep trying meds until one hopefully suits you and you can stick with it.

I have been on 6 different ones, and it was hard work, but worth it in the end

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I didn’t vote.

Anyone who wants my truth can P.M me.

It took several decades for me to recover too. It takes getting on the right AP cocktail and great coping skills used consistently to get over this illness (sz/sza).

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