When artificial intelligence evaluates chess champions

The ELO system, which most chess federations use today, ranks players by the results of their games. Although simple and efficient, it overlooks relevant criteria such as the quality of the moves players actually make. To overcome these limitations, Jean-Marc Alliot of the Institut de recherche en informatique de Toulouse (IRIT - CNRS/INP Toulouse/Université Toulouse Paul Sabatier/Université Toulouse Jean Jaurès/Université Toulouse Capitole) demonstrates a new system, published on 24 April 2017 in the International Computer Games Association Journal.

Read more at: https://phys.org/news/2017-04-artificial-intelligence-chess-champions.html#jCp

Thought this might interest those who are chess players/follow chess. I never could get the hang of the game. My father tried teaching me without success.


I know how to play chess… but it is another thing on how to win.

This will be interesting for @Erez_Shmerling. He plays chess.