When are we going to stop terrifying people?

out of our own terror. I started being bad at home before I was bad in school. My parents terrified me and I, in turn, as an adolescent, terrified them. It’s a lose-lose situation. I need to grow up but I don’t need to be hatefully told to.

Sometimes I tell myself that I needed to be the better person between me and my mum. But in all honesty, her circumstances compared to mine mean that it is only common sense for me to make the first step. Like proper proper step. Well this is theory atm.

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I don’t too much like being told what to do.

But all through life there are rules to be obeyed and chores to be done. I know that sometimes people will tell you to do something and it makes you want to do the exact opposite. Livin’ ain’t easy.

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I did a lot of yelling because I wasn’t being heard partly
I hate you! Be quiet. What will the neighbors think? or

You don’t have to tell Mrs. Boone! I’m not telling Mrs Boone. I’m telling you!! Still not heard - then and now

I don’t like it that zyprexa glosses over my feelings so so can’t feel them

Yes, I take ziprexa, too. I call it slick.




This thread makes me belive about the government spy gagets that is going to make the world a cyberpunk fatansy

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