When am I going to die?

There is no test for how long you’ll live. I know obese smokers and drinkers who live long and super healthy people who die young. I just put the test up for interest sake.

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I got 84 years, even with some answers I thought would make it lower.

I barely drink, quit smoking 4 years ago, and always wear my seatbelt. But there’s people in my family with cardiovascular issues before and after 55. My mom was in awful health.

I also have familial high cholesterol and autoimmune disease. They don’t go into serious detail.

Well it is just an interest but it made me realize that about myself. I am not as willing as I thought.

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I hope to live past 40 years old this time.

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How are you guys living so old? Mine was 57

Mine was 66. That means I’m not even to the half way point in my life.

My weight is good, heart and blood pressure good, always use a seat belt, no traffic accidents, don’t smoke or drink. light exercise. I resent my own healthy life style.

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Mine said 77. Don’t know how accurate that is.

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Mine said 77 years old too.

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Mine said 96 years old. But I don’t believe it. This test is too simple.

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Mine said 91 but I have a genetic disease that will shorten my life. I don’t understand this result.

That site gave me 92 years. I don’t know about that, but I am working to get certain health issues under control.

Mine said 80 years. I can live with that.

I suggest you look into the spiritual aspect of existence to uplift yourself and provide meaning.

There are ways out of pain…

I remember the first time I got admitted to the psychiatric ward. They were trying to give me a shot with something and I tried to escape. I ran out the door, lost my balance and ran my head straight into a wall corner. I blacked out and the next thing I remember I was coming to myself while lying face down on the floor. Sometimes I used to wonder if I died then and that I’m in a different dimension or something. That the test goes on, my trials are not over or whatever.

Now I think not though. It’s just the meds that gives the impression that reality is slightly different. It does change our personality and perspective on things.

I try not to think too much about death. Sometimes I think I’m lucky to have lived as long as I have and that I shouldn’t waste my life deliberatly. Never know when it’s going to be over. But I guess we always have to plan ahead and forget about death unless it’s imminent. No use thinking about it.