Wheel of fortune

Does anybody else feels like there mind won’t stop racing? I feel like my mind is like the wheel of fortune but it never stops spinning? My head always hurts

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My mind is constantly racing. Is this something new for you? It could be a manic kind of thing.

Wut do u mean manic kind of thing?

Kind of - your thoughts escalating + turning you on till you’re kind of high. What you wrote sounds kind of different than this. Are you on any new medicines? They can cause unpredictable changes in your thinking.

Off meds yes and at random times on them, I tend to use ACT (acceptance and commitment therapy) exercises, part of the mindfulness approaches to deal with it. Doesn’t always work 100% but reduces the impact, severity and length of attacks.

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There is a wheel in my head… like a lazy susan and all my words and wants are on it. Sometimes is spins so fast I can’t get anything off it. So I’m stuck as it spins by and I have to wait for it come around again.

Only sometimes I forget what I’m waiting for as the wheel spins faster and then I’m shutting down because I’m not thinking about talking, moving, continuing with what I was doing.

For some reason Seroquel slows the wheel a lot. I can think and get what I need off the wheel and I don’t shut down because too much is passing my by too fast.

So thankful for good meds.

I got on New meds but only for a week. My doc says for me to get balanced