What's your worst symptom

What’s your worst symptom that keeps you from living a normal life. For me, it’s constant paranoia. Can’t really do anything without constantly looking behind me to make sure someone’s doesn’t have a knife or gun up to my neck. Focusing is pretty hard and concentrating ecspecially if I’m paranoid at the time. I don’t have many hallucinations. I have some visual ones but they are just seeing colors and the occasional shadows and bug. I did have them a lot awhile back but I’ve never seen like a human walking at me or anything. I don’t have auditory hallucinations other than maybe right before bed and it’s something reallly soft. Also, I still haven’t been diagnosed with schiophrenia but I know I have it. Just trying to beat it naturally right now through the use of a strict low carb diet, victimans (b12, fish oil) and personal therapy as in reading articles and coming on here. If I need to go to a psychiatrist I will but I’m trying all my options first. At times, I feel sane like I have less paranoia but sometimes I can’t walk without looking behind me every two seconds or feeling like my parents or others are trying to kill me. I’m good at brushing it aside though. I feel coming on here and reading articles helps me be aware of what’s going on. But yeah my worst symptom is paranoia.

But yeah it’s kind of a two fold post. What’s your worst symptom and talking about the bs I’m dealing with now. Thinking about seeing a psychiatrist soon though because this paranoia is out of ■■■■■■■ control. Like the paranoid thoughts I’m having rn just about conplete bull ■■■■ are ■■■■■■■ horrible. Can’t do anything productive. You all know how it is though. Just giving this natural route one more shot. We’ll see how it goes.

Well, you know how it is if you have schizophrenia. I’m assuming some of you have experienced what I’m experiencing at a point in your life. Maybe not though who knows. Seems like a lot of u just have hardcore auditory hallucinations and a jumbled up brain. For me, it’s just paranoia. Bad ■■■■■■■ paranoia. Not going to describe the paranoia in detail now because it’s crazy but I’m pushing it aside. I feel same deep down though. Like I know this is bs but you know the paranoid thoughts don’t leave.