What's your worst hallucinations

My worst hallucination just happened a few days ago. Where a creepy girl was watching me sleep, and when I got up to run away she chased me out of my room, screaming to my parents room in the middle of the night.

It just got me thinking what’s your worst hallucination.


I’ve seen lots of horrifying things,

One that made me pass out,

Others that made me pee on myself.

But the one that continues to scare me, as I’ve kind of gotten used to seeing terrifying things, is people in the dark.

People looking through my windows at night,

People in my closet,

People under my bed.

They always catch me off guard and scare me every time.

I have one hallucination that scares me more than any other rarely shows up,

Haven’t seen him in years.

Thank you abilify.


I’m on abilify too, and it’s helped with visual hallucinations

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My worst was I was on a stage and a guy was telling me I was the worst person in the world and had to die but they would not kill me I had to kill myself. There was a huge audience and I thought everyone in the world was watching. Those that weren’t in the audience were home watching me on tv.

The guy, an emcee was telling me if I didn’t kill myself everyone else in the world would die. It was even more complicated than that but I don’t feel like typing everything that happened. Long story. I thought it was real. Didn’t figure out it was a hallucination until a few days later. Thankfully I was in a hospital on suicide watch when this happened.

It was scary.

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How is this in any way therapeutic?

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Its feels good to share your personal experiences and have some comradery among your peers.

I find it very therapeutic.


Blood running down my head.


My two worst were both ghosts looking at me while I slept. The first time it happened, I woke up to a very tall, pale faced man. He was standing a ways away in the darkness of the bathroom, but I could see his face staring at me. The second time, it was a young girl standing at the foot of the bed and she was slowly crawling onto the bed towards me. I shrieked and woke my husband up. Then she disappeared.

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I’ve only seen a black dot :black_circle: moving around the room, thankfully it disappeared when I went to look at it…eventually. And it wasn’t one of those floater things everybody gets

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Shadow stalking me every night.

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When I was in the hospital in summer the staff always peek in the room every hour at night. One time a staff i had never seen before stood at the door and I was certain he was a patient and was going to kill me. I screamed and yelled and no one came to the door to help me. He left and an hour later he came back and I shouted and begged him not to hurt me. He said he was staff and I called him a liar.


I think the worst for me are the shadow people I’ve started seeing out of the corner of my eyes now I’ve not experienced visuals much, so it terrifies me.

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Just people putting pictures in my mind and yelling at me, to scared to think.

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Probably that mode when paranoia strikes and u freeze and everyone’s face warps and their teeth become crooked for some reason…

Demons be bad

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I’ve had lot’s of bad hallucinations. I can’t really say which was the worst. So many were bad.

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I did put a trashcan once at hospital to secure the door as alarm. Worked well

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I have shadows stalk me every night also

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Once I put the lights on the shadow won’t show up, but even on unlit room I can see the shadow pass by or when the door is open.

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These were my first symptoms, and I thought they were demons after me

My hallucinations sound very complex compared to what others are describing. My brain can relocate me and put me in a completely different environment.

Anyone else have complex hallucinations? I can see and hear them.

This is why I take my meds religiously.

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