Whats your wierdest fetish

i’m into armpits, i blame my first girlfriend, she was a nice girl, hot, but her pits stunk to high heaven, my fave armpits are sarah hyland with a days cast, and lexi belle, their pits don’t stink of b o, i never got the foot fetish, besides put a pair of feet in shoes and they all stink.

Customed physical pain.

I’m ■■■■■■■ sick


I think fingernails are sexy.

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let’s just say my tongue goes everywhere…

tongue bath is good, so long as your girlfriend gets washed in a morning

50 shades of grey, when women write erotic novels its like mm interesting, if a bloke wrote that book, they’d be saying drty fker, have you seen the author, she’s not exactly the type for cable ties and a mask, it’s like those f*king agony aunts they used to have those ugly decrepid old biddys with beady eyes, if its ok with you old bat ill stick to lexi belle as my sexual guidance counsiler

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Im not homosexual are anything but I enjoy having my ass squeezed\felt while im receiving oral sex.

elaboration, plz :stuck_out_tongue:

ill have a go at erotic writing, the sun past through her window, a shaft of warm sunlight moved steadilily over her torso, beads of sweat glonted in the light, christian, well you’ve got to give him a fancy name, derek, derek, languished over the intense beaty of anistasia, nah, sharon, naked piece of ass, I’m in or a good f*ck tonight luv, what do you think, 50 shades of Derek and Sharon

I’m “all-sexual” And I like to picture myself as an innocent young boy with a fuckable-face. like…

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I remember Charlie Sheen did enjoy something like that in Two and a Half Man

no …I enjoy them having a full appreciation of the act that they are taking part in.

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I’m “all-sexual”

I like it :heart_eyes:

i watched sum gay porn the other night because I was bord looking at pussy, you get snow blind looking at snatch all day and the guy was sucking on a cock after it had been up an ass, that is like so gross

i’ve never watched gay porn :confused: lol

but ass to mouth is pretty common in , lol ,“regular porn” yo,

now that is just gross…haha…


i knew a guy who was into nappies, getting chicks to dress up in nappies, they have adult cots and dumys and all that ■■■■, pretty freaky

whats a nappie?

well you would.

You are hard wired for that.