What's your spiritul practice?

What’s your current spiritual practice(s)? What little thing can you do to increase or help it develop? What spiritual practices, religions, or disciplines have you always been curious about but never checked out? Why not?

I believe music and humor bring you closer to God…


What I do lately is walk in the park and sing praises to God, mostly old Christian songs or hymns. It helps me a great deal. I would like to know more about living religions of the east.

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I practice Germanic and Proto-Indo-European religion, etc.
Within that there are a lot of different practices one could follow, I lean towards as traditional as I can get and away from new-age thought. Especially when it comes to practices involving Shamanism or anything like that.
In fact it helps me cope with how I am fairly well, as in those more natural societies of the golden age people like us would become shamans or mystics. Respected for unique differences seen as a gift from gods and spirits. I still see it that way.


I’ve been interested in Buddhism… have read a bit on it. I do feel it works for me. I’m not devout anything… but the philosophy has helped me strive for a calm center.

My kid sister is into Wicca… not heavily… but some of it makes sense… some of those books are pure nonsense.


i follow the way of the ’ sith '. :blush:
take care :alien:


I want mine to be meditation but ive been to lazy lately. So far just daily mindfulness.

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I learn from other practices and take what I like and add it in my spiritual state. I guess I’m agnostic but I find there’s good and bad in everything spiritual. I guess I’m more of a spiritual nomad. I like some things from Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Philosophy, etc. Then there are some things I don’t like and choose not to follow them. As long as the belief system doesn’t involve mass suicide or killing people or a financial scam or causing any sort of terror to a living thing in general like some heaven’s gate cult crap then I can learn from it. I’m down with whatever anyone wants to believe as long as its from a place of love. Its all in the love.


Christianity. I’ll admit my faith is wavering. I don’t read the bible much. Some of the stuff is hard to believe. But it keeps me close to my family and removes fear and uncertainty.

However if I HAD to pick a religion. Music would be my religion. John Coltrane all the way. If you don’t know A Love Supreme then check it out. Also The Creator Has A Master Plan by Pharoah Sanders. Those are highly influential on my soul.

I am a Catholic who sometimes struggles with deep spiritual doubts about his faith (mostly after being tortured by a malevolent entity), but has no doubts about the spiritual and paranormal element involved in his affliction.

“There is still good in you :blush:.” @darksith

Now I wanna watch Star Wars

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I practice kindness, and pray, more of a meditation, nightly that I can find the strength to get my life together.

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Hmm ,

OK So I (some long days ago) Loved Jesus’ Teachings ,

I Think (if e(Y)e remember correctly) Sermon On Tha Mount Is A Good One ,

and Bhuddism I Love Bhuddah , Check Out Quotes From Him On Google dot Com ,

He’s Pretty Cool ,

I Have Been Lately Trying To Be THANKFUL For Peaceful (or as peaceful as possible) For Peaceful Days … ,

For Tha Food I Am Lucky Enough To Eat ,

and Naught any Type Of Prayer but Jus Me (before I eat OR sleep) Saying Thanks For Another Day On Thus Earth To Enjoi Thus Gift Of Lyfe … ,

I Would Rather Call Myself " SPIRITUAL " Then To Maze It Down Into Any Other Label ,

I Already Have One ,

So No Need For Anymore Branding and Such ,

My Advice Is Thus ,

Out In Tha World , Out Within 3 Dimensional Reality , KEEP IT TO YOURSELF … ,

No Need To Get Into A Silly Argument ,


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To do good is my religion. The world is my country.


" i sense the force is strong in you, @Kazuma "
take care :alien:

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I am pro science and don’t focus my energy on spiritual teachings. Science motivates me because it gives you hope, spirit have failed me multiple times

I’m a Christian. I’m not really terribly interested in other religions because I figure if there is a heaven, I want to go through Jesus because he came for sinners. I don’t have to worry about my good deeds outweighing my bad, and weighing less than a feather or something like that. I just have to repent occasionally and try, not succeed.

I pray to a higher power whenever I remember to. Nothing fancy, I just give thanks for helping me to keep clean and sober for that day and ask him what his will is for me.

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I am not Religious, but do believe in God and I do believe in an After life.

I try to be as kind as possible, respecting different races, faiths and cultures.

I do believe in the power of Love.

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