What's your Saturday night tradition?

I snuggle in bed with all my dogs, snacks and a vape pen and watch LivePD.

Its a super trashy show, but I love it.

Does anyone else have a regular Saturday night plan?

If not,

What are your plans for tonight?


All the days of the week are the same for me. :neutral_face:

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I usually try to get a bath on Saturday night. It’s usually a mostly do nothing day for me, so I can usually gather enough energy for a regular bath.

But tonight I’m just playing on my phone for a bit and then I’ll go to bed early. The pharmacy messed up my meds. They only gave me 30 instead of 180. So now I have to deal with that and it’s stressing me out that they won’t believe me or something. And I’m totally screwed without these meds, so I don’t know what I’ll do. Anyways, before I spiral too much I’m going to try to go to bed early.


I’m sorry the pharmacy messed up your prescriptions,

I hope they get it figured out soon so you can have your medications.

Try not to stress too much and go to bed early like you’re trying to do.


oh I’m hanging out in my long johns and socks in a heated living room getting ready to go to bed since I am going to church tomorrow morning.

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Oh I suppose my Saturday tradition is pretty much always the same.

I read and browse the forum. Then when the sun sets I cook myself a nice meal, maybe make some weak coffee and have a cup or two.

Then I eat dinner, feed my kitty some wet food, and usually watch a movie or two.

Then I listen to my panormal radio shows until the wee hours of the morning.


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