Whats your new years resolutions

Mine is to put a huge dent in the mortgage and earn more and learn more at the company

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wanna be 55kg latest by end of May

cool goal hope you make it

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Thanks MisterCrowley. It will be a serious challenge but worth it for my confidence and helth.

you can do it, losing weight is always good for health and confidence

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ah and change meds thats also on agenda and no relapses

Only if you’re overweight to begin with.

whats your resolution

Realistic resolutions:

Lose weight, save money, downsize belongings, learn ASL, learn as much as possible about buying/owning a house

Hopeful, but sort of unlikely, resolutions:

Lose 84 lbs, save $10K, get a breast reduction

I need to learn more about my job.

I am a data analyst in my company but we rely to heavily on Excel

Other companies use SQL, Python, Azure, Tableau etc.

I need these skills as I might not be able to keep the same job forever.

You can learn those skills on Alison for free might be worth your while

That looks like a good site. I will have a look at it tomorrow.

I am tired now


  1. Drink
  2. Smoke
  3. Fall into deep debt
  4. gain a lot of weight
  5. Not make New Year’s resolutions.

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