What's your natural schedule?

When you have nowhere to be?

My natural bed time is about 4 am. I then wake up naturally around 1 pm. I have about 2 hours where I am awake and can be productive. I also usually eat something during this time, usually just a small meal, or even just a snack.

By around 3 pm I become intensely drowsy again and have to fall back asleep for on avg another 2 hours. By 5 pm (when I wake up) my ability to be productive is already decreasing drastically because I can’t focus well at night time. By the time it is dark outside, or around 8 pm my attention is completely shot and getting any work done is incredibly difficult if not impossible. If I had only snacks during the day I tend to have dinner earlier but if I had a full meal for lunch/had lunch later I’ll have dinner later at like 7 or 8. The rest of the night I spend relaxing, and I tend to also have a snack or small meal when it gets later, like between midnight or 2 am.

The most frustrating thing is that if I go by the schedule my body naturally wants me to go by it leaves me NO TIME around get ANYTHING done. A 2 hour productivity window?! What am I supposed to do with that?? Luckily energy drinks can widen that a lot more. They don’t seem to be able to stave off the sleepy spell I get during the day but they do help me actually focus at night, like today I drank an energy drink at 5 and I was able to be really productive until around 1 am.

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my patterns are so hard to predict I’m considering making an AI to help me figure it out

It’s weird because my feelings at night are very different from day. At night I am tired, which I can fix with caffeine. But during the day my sleepiness spells are totally different, it is not tired it is VERY SLEEPY. Drugged level sleepy. Not even energy drinks help it. It feels like I’m being sucked into my own brain or something. When I nap then I am TOTALLY knocked out, I sleep very deeply and have intense dreams. If someone wakes me out of those naps it makes me feel physically quite ill, and sometimes my heart will beat very fast. At night I tend to sleep very lightly and am woken by anything. I do dream at night and those are varied in intensity.

It’s also interesting because at my sleep study they were actually taking my blood pressure when a sleepiness spell hit me and my blood pressure began to lower very quickly, the nurses were surprised/confused.

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Apparently an issue w schizophrenia is the circadian rhythm is just completely trashed and abnormal so there is no set pattern.

I definitely have a pattern it’s just…a weird one. I have depression w psychosis though not sz.


My natural schedule is to wake up anywhere between 4am and noon. Pray Lectio Divina first thing upon waking, after taking morning meds. Then mindfulness meditation for 15 minutes. Then, breakfast. Then morning clean up. Then call up my best friend. Then eat lunch of almonds and sesame seeds and decaf coffee. Then, do business on phone and computer. Go to group Rosary at 4pm. Take meds. Go to dinner at 5pm. Take evening meds. Do evening prayer. Then 15 minutes of mindfulness meditation. Then call best friend. Then practice keyboard for 45 minutes at 8pm. Take nighttime meds at 9pm Call best friend on phone. At 1000pm do yoga for 20- 40 minutes. At 1100pm go to bed with a book or a magazine. To sleep at midnight.


I wake up at 730 and take my morning meds (antipsychotic and antidepressant). Skip breakfast and have six cups of coffee ( half a pot). I eat lunch at noon. At 600 pm I eat dinner and then take my evening dose of antipsychotics. Between 830 pm and 900 pm I take my sleeping pill and go to bed.

I don’t ever stay up past 1000. I wake up two or three times a night have a chocolate and maybe a smoke and go right back to sleep.

This keeps me from getting psychotic. If I try to stay up late I get symptoms.

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