Whats your most hated halucination?

For me I have two types of hallucinations that I absolutely hate.
Some times I hear the sound that my oven makes when the timer goes off. So annoying because I’m constantly getting up or running down stairs freaking out thinking there is something in the over that I forgot about.
Another one is seeing people in standing in the roads when I’m driving. I’ve never crashed because of it but I did swerve out of my lane and scream because I thought I saw something hanging on to the side of my car and looking in the passenger side window. That actually just happened yesterday while I was driving out of town on the highway.
What’s your most hated, and maybe dangerous hallucinations?


Feeling like I need to get out of my skin and run away, or that there are worms/spiders eating my body on the inside that I need to get out.

I get the spiders feeling some times but only on the out side of my skin.
That sounds horrible. I’m sorry

It is not fun. But trying to draw them improves my art. So the misery makes me better. =)

I saw a black entity hanging on the back of a SUV. It shocked me yet only slightly scared me. What upsets me the most is the way I see people torn apart. Especially when it’s someone I care for.

I think it’s funny that seeing faces everywhere. They’re not even scary but it’s like I’m being watched everywhere I go.

my worst delusion was when i thought i was a ghost.

literally something out of the creepiest horror movie you can imagine

:ghost: :skull: :church:

When they enter my sleep and use electricity to stop my heart, I have to fight to wake up before it becomes real(?) I usually wake up screaming.

I had a lot of fun when my window turned liquid and the aliens were pushing the blanket I had nailed over the window. You could see the dents as they poked their fingers in it and at one point it got pretty far inside. I don’t mind the footsteps on the hardwood floor, or those laser lights in red, green, blue and white that bounce around either, but, I think all that ice cold air rushing about when they arrive is the most hated part.

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The most hated one i had i think was the fanged face made of light, i hate it the most because it caused physical pain, it shocked me for a moment and hurt badly, it was frightening.

A fanged face made of light horribly shocking me.

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My most hated hallucination is fire. I hate it when I’m sure the house is on fire.

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That would be bad. I remember my dad telling me stories of my great grandmother who also had schizophrenia. She would always call the cops because she thought people were breaking into her house and watching her through the windows. Eventually the cops ignored all of her calls.

my most hated hallucination is rats and bats…one time there was a rat on the side of the bed just starring at me…it was so awful and scarey…another time one of the bats got underneath my blankets and got caught there…it was so real,i was terrified…i did not move and it eventually disappeared…

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my worst , there are many, was one that stuck around for twenty years or more.
i won’t say what it was as it could be triggering to others but it was a total nightmare…
take care

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Sometimes I will get up in the middle of the night, and I am 100 percent certain, that someone broke in and is in the house.
I will walk around and search the house - only later to find no one. But it is so dark and real, as if a dark presence is lurking about - Rob


I don’t know if this is a so called delusion. But I have dreams of burning in hellfire, the pain in the dreams are unexplainable

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When I was 14… 4th of July and a neighbors big illegal firework caught our house on fire. Misfired and went right through my kid sisters bed room window. My kid sis and I ended up in the burn unit.

When I am really not doing well, it’s the fire all over again. I can hear crackling of the flames, see fire, smell the smoke, feel the heat, and I’m stuck in a loop. What I did on that night when I was 14, I end up doing again. Even my burn scars start to hurt again.

Once in our old place, I did call the fire department. My sis usually talks me out of calling when it happens now.

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A command hallucination that would tell me to hurt myself. Also running someone over with my car but there would never be a bump or someone standing in the road and i’d swerve anyway.

When I hallucinate real people saying things that have to do with conspiracies or talk about things about me that they dont know. When it happens, I cant tell what is real and it gets to me sometimes. It used to happen all day before I got on meds. That and the voices, the male NSA agent, the female NSA agent, and the old me talking to me and about me all day. I dont like the voices. My meds have me 90% symptom free, I sometimes get a little bit of voices at night, occasionally some real people talking about me, but most of the time I am fine. Like when I am listening to my ipod in bed, the voices sometimes remark on what I am listening to. But right now I am fine, its noon and I took my morning meds like an hour or so ago.

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I see a dead man partially decomposed nude with blood pouring out of his mouth. I can smell the stinch of death. He really scares me.

That sounds pretty gross

I hear my oven timer too; it drives me bananas!