What's your most expensive purchase you've ever bought

Was your Cougar XR7 Convertible fast? What kind of engine did it have in it? Was yours the same color in the picture?

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I heard about a guy who bought a bunch of bit coins when they were dirt cheap, and he made millions of dollars when bitcoin became so profitable. His only problem was that he couldn’t remember the password to his account. That must have been a messed up feeling.


I’d say my smartphone which I bought in 2016 for R1300 ($78 in present currency rate). Had to pay it off to my husband in instalments lol! :laughing:

I bought a lot of candy and ended up with diabetes. The candy was cheap. The diabetes are expensive.

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I had 80 000$ in bitcoins during psychosis, I forgot my pw and lost all.

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I bought a 1997 Saturn Sl2 for 3,000 dollars


My Cougar XR7 Convertible had a 351 Cleveland engine and yeah…it was very fast.

It was also the same color blue as in the picture I posted. If I can find an old picture of my car, I’ll post it on this thread later.

ok, cool…… is 351 how much horse power it has.

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Material items wise I spent a pretty penny on scuba gear in my teens while working my various part time jobs. Then I sold it very low because I was too scared to haggle. Still flap my tail at that one but live and learn. Now I don’t give sh!t away for nothing.


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Can’t remember honestly. Before schizophrenia when I was a kid I had an apple macbook pro. That’s it. Should have bought apple stock. Feels like history changed for me so I would stay poor the rest of my life. ■■■■■■■ sucks man. Pisses me off.

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Most expensive thing I ever bought was my last house back in 2003 for $97000. It’s now worth around $182000.


I bought an 03 wrx back in 2011 for$3,800. I made good money back then I’m just cheap, that’s the most I’ve ever paid for a car lol and I’ve had about 9 cars since 2008.

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Must be 900 euro computer lol

LS! A Sony 48 inch flatscreen television, thirteen years ago 1350 euro.

So far the most expensive thing has been my uni degree for nursing, but I’ve paid it off. Then it was my holiday overseas last year. Then I bought a car (2nd hand, I refuse to pay full price for a car). A new computer and finally a handbag.

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