Whats your mission on this planet?

Manage the finances

My mission is to continual learning new things, cherish my friends/family/pets and have as much fun as i can get out of life.

To survive and thrive. Hopefully. BleugHHH

To protect the world from devastation

To live an easy life.

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To raise my daughter well

To always faith in my hallucinated God.

To take care of my cat and GF and live my life to its fullest.
And buy as many guitars as I can get away with.


Observe 15151515


While psychotic I had many important missions. Bringing heaven to earth, curing cancer and all diseases, find the best energy source infinite, powerful with no pollution etc

Now I just want to be happy, play video games, listen to music, have fun with my family and friends, not work, not study, trying to be healthy, etc

to be a snowbird!

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To shower with @pedro27.

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I have no mission. I’m just careening through this existence like a pinball. No deep, philosophical or religious purpose. Just a speck of dust on a blue speck of dust in a space that’s empty and ever-expanding.

My mission is to find inner peace in a conflicted world.and be able to come to terms with how my life has turned out

To be a great musician… although medication has got in the way of this temporarily.

To evolve spiritually perhaps.

To have inner peace and joy and be happy and thriving.

To give love and receive it too.

To be a animal rights activist and be on a vegan diet and a environment activist.

To be with loved ones.

To chill!

To keep doing what I’m doing and loose a few kg in a healthy way.

To feel my sacred neigh neigh inside me.

To have eternal relationships in love.

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