What's your job

I’ve been a housekeeper, laundress, McDonalds counterperson, restaurant worker, waitress, telemarketer, nurse aide and an R.N. all in my lifetime. As paid work anyway.
Today, I am a volunteer for the Legion of ___. I lead prayer groups, call up auxillary members of the Legion, visit with elderly and sick residents of the assisted living facility where I live, manage my website and proselytize on social media sites for the Legion. I also attend weekly business meetings for the Legion. I love my volunteer work.


A snake is not my idea of a cuddly animal.

I’m a slacker extraordinaire!

Volunteer as a Social Media Volunteer for the local VCO
Lead Walking groups
Act as a Peer Support Volunteer

& Do a part time distance learning Degree through The Open University

But I’m single and can’t get a job, not even stacking shelves in a supermarket!

You are a remarkable individual @JH85 you can be proud if yourself.

I’m a software developer.

It was my job before becoming sick. 12 years later, I became healthy again thanks to the antipsychotic. I had to come back to university because a lot of technologies have changed during the 12 years. I’m working again in software development since 2 years. So I have 2 diplomas in computer science : one by the end of the '90s and one in 2015.


I’m founder, ceo and chairman of the board at my own business. we do office and industrial automation, like erp software, working with plcs, industrial robots, production lines idk, things like that…


A lot of smart people here.

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I’m unemployed. I would like to have my own business someday.

On disability, but im a musician, computer repair guy and web designer.


If you don’t mind me asking, would you recommend majoring in Computer Science or Computer Engineering? Thanks.

Try 7 days to die. Y9ubcan do absolutely everything

It is mine. I love snakes. Especially little garden snakes. There is no animal I don’t love.

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I love singing, it was hard for me to take singing classes because people always were mean to me and i didn’t have confidence, they made fun of me and my voice everyday, anyways, i took the classes, i froze at first i couldn’t sing xD sigh, apparently my voice doesn’t have any emotion in it but i still enjoy singing.

for people who want to start their business. it was a really really hard route for me, it took time, people were mean to me, calling me retarded, irresponsible, and many other things, life was like hell for me, it still is like hell, i have a bad case of anxiety. I started with a little computer shop, and started developing an erp software, it was really hard to talk to people at first when i had the shop, but i learned how to control things, then i started to go places, to be with people in groups, i started working for a marketing company, oh well, things are still hard for me, but i learned a lot, i wanted to change my life, i did many things, i had 100 failed projects, it took me 8 years to finish the erp, and i sold first copy of it 6 months ago.

I believe, you can do anything, you can accomplish anything if you want to. i had these mood swings, i still have them and they’re getting worse, these voices, being suicidal everyday, voices telling me i should cut a finger or two, i should jump off a bridge and many other things, being depressed af sometimes just wanting to die not being able to do anything, and being manic at times working for days not sleeping for +100 hours… yeah, i made this success, but i had many failures too, but i did it, and i encourage all of you about this, yeah, a healthy person could do this in a year, i did it in 8 years, but i’m proud i did, i did better than many healthy people out there.


i don’t have a university degree. i tried university 3 times, and dropped out of them, i couldn’t do it. but i did some computer engineering myself in uni. i learned most of the things myself. i don’t know much about this tbh.

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My job is to drive everybody crazy where I live. It’s a volunteer-type situation but its very rewarding. It’s very fulfilling and I feel I’m doing mankind a good deed.


overnight dairy stocker at walmart


I think if you make one person crazy you already make the world a better place


Licensed insurance broker specializing in commerical products for small to medium sized businesses.

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What kind of games do you enjoy playing? I only know of a couple but maybe I can mention one that you would like. Also you could try a different genre. I know of rpg sandbox type games, and strategy sandbox type games, exploration sandbox type games. I started to play my games less and less. Then I started recording them for you tube. I only have a couple of subscribers but since a couple of people watch them it seems more enjoyable.

I write boring articles for pay.

But I have an awesome side project that I work on all the time.

Of course, awesome side project hasn’t paid off as of yet, but its an investment,

Some day…