What's your idea to free oneself?

I would like to free myself,be a funny person,be less restrictive,more enjoyable to be with and just relax around people?
I had always put myself as quiet,worrisome and fearful…I wonder what’s your say on freeing oneself from these Negativity? : )

Guess,medicine can’t do that,can they?lol

I don’t know what medicines you are on, but as I’ve said, Neurontin, (Gabapentin), had helped me be more relaxed around people and be less fearful, enjoying the pleasant ones. (nothing you can do about the a holes.)

As I recall you were introverted and there is little one can do to change the personality. Introverts are typically less social, but I suppose you could go to places where there are many people such as nightclubs and have a beer to relax a little and become more talkative. In my understanding this Internet provides a channel for introverted people to be more open, because less social skills are needed.

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point being, look good and start smoking, :sunglasses:


Learn to dance, go to discos and nightclubs and ask women to dance with you, :smiley:

Yea,I went nightclub last month,that experience is great,I enjoyed dancing and talked to some people within our group.Its great,but I want to lose myself not only in nightclub and also some other social situation…

Oh,I also did volunteering and a brought my friends around my town…

I think when I lowered my expectation in myself…

I stopped aiming for extraordinarily happy and went for content…

I stopped aiming for other’s ideals of a good life… (like a big house and new car) and found that just being safe… having a simple life… took a lot of trying to keep up off my plate.

I think a lot of my attitude has to do with my age now… when I was younger… I wanted to do what all the people my age were doing… but I couldn’t keep up.


Acceptance is the other to knowing yourself. Some people aren’t socialites, it’s not a bad thing. In real conversations about the important things your words will probably have more worth.

Be at peace with yourself and everything will go a lot smoother.

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Yea,I will try to make peace with myself accept me and try to be active,relax and have some fun like making appropriate joke

That just sounds like anxiety. If you can get the anxiety treated - I think you’ll feel a lot more “free” - a lot less restricted by the anxieties. Anxieties are fears - usually excessive and unhelpful fears that cause you to restrict your life and avoid those things you fear.


Getting therapy to deal with my anxiety,taking it slowly and also trying my best to be active…get out,find somebody to talk and do things


Volunteer work. It will help you meet people, good, understanding people. You will get practice with interacting with others, and you will be able to do so with little pressure. Even better, you’ll make important connections you can use to help lift yourself up later on. As you do this you will gain experience at interacting with others and confidence in doing so.

Good luck!



I have a lot of different Anxieties, including GAD, PANIC DISORDER,OCD - I am never care free!

Going to talk to my pdoc again about my uncontrolled anxiety disorders - its worsening for me.

I am going to revisit using NEURONTIN (GABAPENTIN) for Anxiety - going to discuss using this and other meds for Anxiety/OCD**

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I always used large amounts of alcohol, but that only made me drunk and obnoxious.