Whats your goal after X years?

i sometime think …whats my goal after 10 years , after 30 years …!!!and even more than this
now is the year 2023 …and i have goal in 2030
but now , these days i begin to have suicidal thoughts !!!
i begin to think these long term goals are crazy
especially for ppl with Mental illness
we may lose our lives in moments of mental suffer , psychologically suffer , suffer of loneliness , suffer low self esteem , suffer from thoughts , suffer of failure
i begin to think why not to have EMERGENCY goal
is to keep living for 10 years , 30 years WITHOUT DOING anything at all!!!
but i rethink again and said this is not possible becoz at the time of depression …this is not possible even
feel sorry for this fact indeed


I have no idea on the number of years involved in any of this but,

My long term goal is to continue to improve on guitar over the years. Hopefully within a year I will be playing one or more complete more mainstream songs. RIght now, I play lots of short little things by reading the music, but really only have a few short songs and song segments completely memorized, where I can play them completely free of sheet music. Many of the longer songs in the books I’m looking at have complex strumming intermixed with the playing of individual notes and seem like they would take forever to memorize.

My midterm goal is to lose weight. No idea how long this will take, but this is something I would like to accomplish soon.

My short term goal is to figure out what is causing my joint pain. I hopefully will either have answers or at least will have ruled some things out by the end of the month.


About the only thing I’ve got going on is trying to lose weight. I want to be a BMI of 25 by January 2024. According to my diet app it’s doable.


Not dying soon. Too many things to do still.


I live in the moment. I have no long term goals and i havent in prob almost 2 decades.


I don’t really think that far ahead.

It just makes me feel sick


Nearly every time I set a goal I get overwhelmed and end up giving up. I’m not the most disciplined person since getting sz. I think I do best when I just play it by ear.


If I make another 20 years I’ll be happy. I’m 52 and life is starting to go by way too quickly. I’d like to continue just existing. So goal is health. If I was 20 I’d say the same.


Four years till i get my second degree. 5 years till i get my masters and 9 years till i get my phd. Ill be 36 by the end of it all and hopefully back into work - thats the plan.


Existence is difficult enough without setting up too many goals that i need to accomplish. If i had to choose a goal it would be to exist……peacefully.


I don’t have any goals


Keep doing what I’m doing.

Lose some weight in a healthy way.preferably seven kg.

Live peacefully and happily.

Learn to have boundaries and say no and be more picky and stop “allowing “ disrespect from people and tolerating and putting up with stuff I shouldn’t.

Have great health and be healthy and take care of myself.

Start rock n roll dance and take driving lessons so I can learn to drive myself there.

Take driving lessons to be more independent.

Have some money saved up.start saving.
I’ve just been spending everything now but good to have some put aside for emergency or if something special is on sale .

Get a new boyfriend who treats me with respect and respects me and loves me and we have great sex life and he is stable and vegan or willing to be vegan and he lives closel to me.we are comfortable together and love being together.he text me daily and chats with me and would never ghost me.

Have great happy eternal relationships.

Meet new great people n friends.

Keep being vegan and as cruelty free as I think I can be.

Find an activity to do to spend my time.
Be it learn how to knit or craft or volunteer or something so i don’t get bored.

Sleep beautifully every night minimum seven hours night.

Go skinny dipping find a place I can do that again.I miss it.

Feel good all the time.

I like to have future plans but mostly i just take one day at a time and hope things work out ok

After I turn 40 I want to get some of my writings in front of someone and see what I can do with them.

I have lots of ideas and a few connections,

So it could work out.

(If we’re not all dead and buried by then - as my grandmother used to say)

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