What's your favourite?

Book,film,tv series,food,ice cream etc etc. Boy is that difficult naming a favourite. I have a film and a song I call favourites but I couldn’t for the life of me say why they’re favourites.
I just know I like some things better than others , but as for producing a hierarchy of choice… forget it .

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Probably Masturbating

My favorite things to do are play piano and read books.

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Playing guitar thru my new fuzz pedal.

Watching cricket … !!! And eating dumplings…!!! Life sucks…!!!

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Zen Buddhism related arts and lifestyle is my favourite. It’s relaxing, carefree, spontanous, and creative. A poem, a painting, a course of tea treating, a piece of music that is relating to the ideas of Zen Buddhism would be peaceful and beautiful.

I am glad that after so many years of searching for beliefs I finally turned to Zen Buddhism… I hope this post doesn’t seem offensive to you guys.

by the way the film Kung Fu Panda is rich of the ideas of Zen Buddhism

Before I lost interest I played piano 8 hours a day (most of my life). I was extremely devoted to piano. Now I mainly read and enjoy it.

this song, even with anhedonia gives me feeling.

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