What's your favorite tattoo?

What’s your least favorite? If you don’t have any what would you get if you could.

My favorite one I have is the one I got right after getting diagnosed. It’s a quote from the book On The Road by Jack Kerouac. My least favorite is my addiction awareness ribbon being held by a butterfly. It turned out bad and a lot of ink fell out.

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Never got any tattoos.

When I was younger I went to get one and started crying before the guy could start,

He told me he wouldn’t do the tattoo if I was crying,

So I left.

Thank gods! It would have been one I regretted.

Good tattoo guy…


I was thinking about getting one on my left wrist and left forearm…not sure what though. so I don’t have any at the moment

how much do they hurt? that’s another thing preventing me from getting one

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I have four and the only one that hurt really bad was my foot.

I would get a “Smile Now, Cry Later” tattoo.

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I have 6 tattoos.
One is scarred up and a disaster.
The other 5 I like.


I would want a Calvin and Hobbes tattoo. I also like tribal stuff too.


I have 4 tattoos. My favorite is a ship looking like it sailing over the edge if the world was flat. It’s meant to remind me that even though the Earth looks flat we know from the facts that it’s round. So even though delusions seem real we know from the facts they aren’t when we reality test with someone we trust. It’s on the inside of my right forearm. Out of all of my tattoos when he did the wrist that hurt the most.

I want to get half a sleeve on my left arm from my wrist to my elbow to cover the scars from when I cut myself. All of my tattoos have meaning. This one would just be for fun. I want to get Lisa Frank’s art there. :sun_with_face:


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