Whats your favorite beer...?

mine is budweiser whats yours

sorry friend… don’t drink any more… not even beer.

But when I did drink… I loved everything Pyramid Alehouse made. It’s a good micro brewery here in Seattle.

Don’t drink anymore here either…

But when I did my favorite was always Newcastle Brown Ale.

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im having a few now

Enjoy one for me… :wink:

i find i can handle it… its in the blood, just enough to get me buzzing

its the spirits would fook me up, i never drink spirits i would be left in bits,just beer suits me

about 10 pints thats my qoutoa

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That is when my problems begin. One is not enough and too much at the same time.

Plus I know now with out a doubt… I’m not a peaceful loving drunk… I’m an angry insulting ready to fight drunk.

Yeah…whatever I do I know I need to stay away from spirits or liquor as it’s more commonly known here…I can have a few beers no problem sometimes but find that I never know what’s going to flip that little switch in my head and send me off to the liquor store for a bottle…and I know that a good ways into that bottle I’m gonna want to get high somehow.

But that’s just me…I don’t lecture people about not drinking…if you can do it responsibly more power to you sir :smiley:

I’d be right there in that same exact boat with you… heading to the liquor store and trying to hit my old connections… Just better for me to not open that door at all.

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Corona at summer time

Budweiser is piss! Go with a Guinness stout or Newcastle brown ale. I have a beer socially and I always ask for a stout, if they dont have that then a newcastle, if they dont have that then water

self control is key

im drinking since i was 14 ive learnt to keep in control, drink helps me 4get

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i mean forget about the hell i went through i deserve a drink in my books

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I started when I was about 14 as well… no self control… no moderation. Your lucky you have that ability. My life would have been easier if I did.

once i dont go near spirits or get too drunk im ok

i missed out from the onset of this struck down with psychosis choas in the heart and mind…so im making up for it now

I think drinking normally is fine. My psychiatrist even said that a little alcohol is fine but getting shitfaced is not a good idea and will interfere with my medication. I’ve been shitfaced on meds, once, and I was just really stupid acting and had especially dark and disturbing thoughts, went to sleep, woke up with a hangover from hell. I said I would never get drunk again when I had that hangover. I mean I was dead, one of my friends who just got super stoned at the party came to take care of me the next day, as I was practically a zombie and was just staring at the floor. He brought me taco bell, gatorade, and made sure I smoked some cigarettes with him so withdrawal from cigs didnt add to the mess. That was like the only good thing that friend has ever done for me, come to think of it. That and he put me to bed when I was drunk and psychotic one night in my freshman year.

I just have one or two drinks these days. Any more and my sleep gets messed up. I love Irish car bombs, but I only have two and then pay the tab.

Oh yeah and before medication I drank cinnamon whiskey like it was water.